About the Conference

The beginning of the turbulent 2020s recalled its “roaring” predecessor with unprecedented digital progress and brought digital businesses to the forefront. 2022 is the year to further build on this momentum to enhance customer engagement, experience, generate new revenue and serve our customers. itSMF Slovakia, a leader in the world of IT Service Management in […]

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Martin Bróska
Product Manager for ICT services PosAm
Evgeny Vasilyev
Head of Business Development CFI
Pavol Holbík
Head of training services omnicom
Kamil Polniaszek
IT Consultant SII Poland
Lukas Sitkowski
Business Development Manager Sii Poland
Lukáš Hlavička
Chief Technical Officer IstroSec
Eddy Peters
President of the itSMF Belgium Chapter
Vladimír Kufner
Architecture Board chairman T-Mobile Czech Republic a.s.
Patrik Šolc
Director, Board of Directors, itSMF International; Chairman, itSMF Czech Republic
Martin Vitouš
Strategist, consultant, trainer, mentor, coach & facilitator | DASA Ambassador ict-123.com | itSMF Czech republic
Nigel Heney
Sales Director – EMEA | Digital Service & Operations Management BMC Software
Matthew Steer
Partner | Technology Consulting | Technology Solutions Delivery | Strategic Testing & Quality Engineering EY
Ivana Molnarova
CEO at Profesia & terapeut thetahealing Profesia
Roman Zhuravlev
Marián Kováčik
Robotics expert ABB
Stephan Brendel
Regional Manager; itSMF Germany | Chief Financial Officer APMG-International
Ján Adamovský
Chief Security Officer Slovenská sporiteľňa
Michal Satur
Account manager Mastercard


Mikuláš Zalai
Mikuláš Zalai

Director, Business Consulting – Technology Risk, EY

Iveta Janotík
Iveta Janotík

Regional Director at CFI, Member Of The Board at itSMF Slovensko

Tatiana Hederová
Tatiana Hederová

Head of GCPE PMO at Orange Business Services, Vice-chairman Of The Board at itSMF Slovensko

Igor Dimitrovič
Igor Dimitrovič

ITSM Specialist Expert at Slovenská sporiteľňa, Chairman Of The Board at itSMF Slovensko

Pavol Holbík
Pavol Holbík

Head of training services at omnicom, Member Of The Board at itSMF Slovensko

Martin Lacko
Martin Lacko

Head of IT Change management in Slovenská sporiteľňa, Member of the Supervisory Board at itSMF Slovakia

Martin Podhajský
Martin Podhajský

Making Knowledge available at VÚB Banka, Co-founder at KEP Partnership, Member of the Supervisory Board at itSMF Slovakia

Lucia Široká
Lucia Široká

Back Office Specialist at Softec, itSMF Slovakia Administration