Eddy Peters

  • President of the
  • itSMF Belgium

As a Service Management Expert with over 30 years experience in various IT positions, Eddy always aims at bridging the gap between business and IT, working out solutions in close collaboration with customers, allowing them to take the next step. In today’s world, where Agile and other transformations are severely impacting the behaviour and way of working of many organizations, Eddy is continuously involved in ensuring that existing capabilities can meet new challenges, and that long-standing frameworks like ITIL can cope with this type of evolutions.

Next to his role as principal consultant at CTG Belgium, he is president of ITSMF Belgium chapter and professor at the EHSAL management school in Brussels.


  • The evolution of IT-driven services (EN)

    The evolution of IT driven services has entered a new era. Not only because of technology, but because of the way services are evermore intertwined into the fabric of doing business. In some cases, IT services even are the business. To make sure we remain relevant in this dynamic world, there is one absolute truth: […]