Martin Vitouš

  • Strategist, consultant, trainer, mentor, coach & facilitator | DASA Ambassador
  • | itSMF Czech Republic

Martin is an independent professional who helps companies solve problems and take advantage of opportunities not only in the management of IT but also of entire companies. To do this, he uses the knowledge and experience gained during his 30 years of practice in multinational companies and cooperation with various clients. He combines different methods and approaches to find out the real cause and achieve the goal as effectively as possible. In his work he likes to follow the principles:

– The goal is to solve the problem, not use the method
– There is no ONE right method
– There is no ONE correct approach
– The solution is built step by step
– It doesn’t end with the first delivery
– There is always room for improvement


  • FAIL fast but with grace (CZ)

    Traditionally, we have been focused on best practices. Now, it’s time to address worst practices and lessons learned. Three speakers from itSMF Czech Republic will share their experiences with local and global customers in the Czech Republic. You can hear the lessons they have learned from projects and programmes which were/are a part of the […]