Ivor Macfarlane

  • Service management pontificator and author

Since his first job 1976, Ivor has been involved with delivering services, and with IT services since 1985. After some real work initially – setting up and running a warehouse computer system – he has been teaching, writing and presenting about service management ever since 1989 – including ITIL v1, V2 and V3, ISO2000 and speaking at hundreds of events over 42 countries. Now officially retired, he still delivers some training – ITIL and Devops – and is always keen to attend conferences and talk about how his 34 years associated with best practice has really just been telling people to trust their own common sense.


  • Panel discussion (EN)

    Pavol Holbík
    itSMF Slovakia

  • Life skills are also work skills (EN)

    ITIL, Devops etc are – rightly – viewed as valuable tools for us to achieve results at work. But they are both greater and less than that. The more I teach and talk about our (so-called) IT frameworks – ITIL, Devops, Agile – then the more I see those same ideas as tools we use […]