Life skills are also work skills (EN)

Ivor Macfarlane Service management pontificator and author

ITIL, Devops etc are – rightly – viewed as valuable tools for us to achieve results at work. But they are both greater and less than that. The more I teach and talk about our (so-called) IT frameworks – ITIL, Devops, Agile – then the more I see those same ideas as tools we use in our everyday lives. You may not think you do standard changes in your family – but you do; in fact (just about) every ITIL practice is there, agile too. And Devops is at the heart of every team game you ever played.

Why does this matter? Because when you realise that you – and your colleagues – already have well honed skills that are appropriate to the work environment it makes us more confident in using our talents, more trusting of ourselves and others. Things get done better, quicker and with less bureaucracy.

My talk aims to demonstrate how those business techniques and practices reflect the ones we know outside work. It will reference my grandmother, Johan Cruyff and a talented dog.