Aleš Špidla

  • Cyber security expert
  • CEVRO College

Ing. Aleš Špidla studied technical cybernetics.In 2011, as Director of the Cyber Security Department at the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic, he conceived the Cyber Security Strategy of the Czech Republic and was involved in discussions on the substantive plan and then the Cyber Security Act itself. He worked as the head of the informatics section of the State Institute for Drug Control, director of the Department of Security Policies of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, manager of the risk management department at Price Waterhouse Coopers, then at the state enterprise CENDIS, s.p. as a specialist in cyber security and at the state enterprise NAKIT, s.p. as head of department in the security section. He worked as a cyber security manager at the General Financial Directorate. In the same capacity, he worked at the Centre for Cardiovascular and Transplant Surgery. Now he works as an external manager of cyber security at the Office of the Prague 5 Municipal District. Until 2022 he was the President of the Czech Institute of Information Security Managers.

He is a guarantor and teacher of the MBA programme “Management and Cyber Security” and a co-supervisor and teacher of the LL.M programme “Information Protection” at the CEVRO College. He is intensively involved in evangelizing the issue of cyber and information security in all its aspects. He lectures at conferences, speaks in the media and publishes articles on this topic. At times he feels like a world champion at throwing peas at the wall.


  • Cyber and information security management = corporate governance? Yes or no?

    It’s high time we stopped seeing cyber and information security as a discipline that is enjoyed by a few oddballs who have been given the smallest office and bought toys that only they understand. Managing cyber and information security is an integral part of running a business. Why do I think that? Why do I know that? I’ll tell you in my talk.