About Us

Inspired innovation is essential for continuously delivering value to our customers through enhancing customer engagement, experience, generating new revenue streams and improving the quality of service to our customers.

Inspiring one another is thus essential for improving the tools and technology which we use in our everyday life at lightning pace. Sure, any innovation may be sparked and delivered without much collaboration, but in such cases, innovation is more likely to be a happy coincidence or the persistent work of genius. But the fundamental truth is that we can innovate much faster and deliver something greater if we bring the right people together that can inspire one another.

itSMF Slovakia, a leader in the world of IT Service Management in CEE, is organizing the 18th annual IT Service Management conference which addresses our need to Inspire and strive together to maintain and strengthen the forward trend in innovation and value delivery.

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Share your achievements, falls and inspire each other. Let’s decide for meaningful changes and push the best ideas forward, as that is the very essence of inspired progress. While we build the full IT Service Management Conference 2024 agenda, explore the conference topics:

  • Value demonstration
  • Enterprise service management (ESM) – Advanced ITSM
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) – Machine learning – Automation
  • Service integration and management (SIAM)
  • Digital transformation / Digital workflows
  • People motivation – Attitude, behavior, and culture (ABC)
  • Employee well-being – Employee experience management
  • Customer experience (CX) – Business innovation
  • Knowledge management
  • ITIL 4 – Agile – DevOps
  • IT asset management (ITAM) – Software asset management (SAM)
  • Business relationship management (BRM)
  • Security – Cybersecurity
  • Enterprise architecture